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What You Need to Know

Have a trainer, coach, and/or mentor.

Invest in somebody to help you through the process of reaching for your full potential. A person’s time and money can never be wasted when it is spent investing in oneself or one’s family. Get some help so that just like a basketball team, you can lean on someone else to help with your success.  There are many people out there willing to be a mentor and they are in various capacities. It may take a little searching, but when you come across a potential mentor, make sure to pursue a genuine relationship.

Study the history of the game.

If you begin at the start and work your way up to present day, you will see how the game has evolved and with it, so have the skills. You will learn how the training has evolved. You will learn what worked in the past and still works today and what has become obsolete. This will give you perspective on the game and where you stand in it, as well as provide examples of how some players have done it so that you may attempt to emulate them. This may take a long time, but it is 100% worth it. Everyone should be a student of the game, whether they are a BFit participant or not.

Utilize the Interest

Look to YouTube and Google for a starting point of what needs to be done in order for your reach to reach her/his goals. Encourage her/him to watch the videos and study the articles posted to Google. From there she/he can practice the drills and compare themself to the videos. You can make your own assessments as to whether she/he is progressing as she/he should. You can also study the technique and form for the necessary strength and conditioning programs she will need. Most of the information is on the web, but it becomes difficult to sift through the incorrect information or simplify the redundant that is not helpful to your specific case.

Play as much basketball as you can.

Play pick up and one on one basketball everyday. Shoot the ball everyday. Have the ball in your hands at all times and take it everywhere you go until the ball becomes an extension of yourself. Play against the best competition you can find because that is how you will become better. Finally, never give up.

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